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Why Choose Us?

ELIM offers a number of training and awareness services, designed not only to raise awareness surrounding the dangers and consequences of abusing substances but also to enable managers and peers to recognise and deal with persons affected by substance abuse / behavioural addiction problems.


Training and employee awareness services

ELIM offers training on substance use disorders and employee awareness services:

  • Substance related workplace services such as substance abuse awareness for staff, and attendance of wellness days.

  • Drug testing on - and off-site.

  • Drug testing disputes – confirmatory drug testing services.

  • Pre- admission assessments.

  • Empowerment services for significant others, educators, service providers in the field of social services and churches.

  • Development of workplace substance use policies and procedures.

  • Consultancy services for prospective service providers in the field of addiction in Africa.


Treatment Programmes

Evidence based treatment programmes are offered by a skilled multi-disciplinary professional team. Programmes are holistic and address the physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of the service user within an integrated approach, informed by local and international evidence-based practises and research within the field of addiction.

Each service user is treated as a worthy individual and interventions are needs based designed to provide service users with the tools and strategies to gain sobriety and a healthy lifestyle.

Behaviour addiction awareness is an integral component of the programmes which include the prevention of cross addiction of addictive substances / behaviours such as gaming and cyber abuse.

Elim Clinic is a professional treatment centre that offers in–patient treatment to men and women, 18 years and older who suffer from substance use disorders and behaviour addiction. With a proven track record, it remains to be one of the most sought-after treatment centres in South Africa.

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