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On a daily basis here at Elim Clinic, you will hear the words:

"Eat all your food.....", "eat all your green vegetables....."

– which is provided in abundance –

"make sure you drink enough water...." and so it goes on. Often to the irritation of those whose nutrition comprised of fatty take away - and unhealthy foods.

Kitchen staff will quickly report should a patient not be eating.

In response to this who will ask why we even bother; this is the reason:

A healthy diet improves overall health.

It boosts the immune system – so needed to fight COVID.

Most importantly providing the right food in the right amounts builds strengths after the rigours of detox.

There is even a cooking master chef class once per week – some kitchen therapy. Men and women alike take pride in their culinary creations whilst learning about healthy cooking.

Who knows? We might be having a few future Michelin Chefs in the making!!!

Watch this space for next week’s wellness tips continued!

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