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The impact of a father with a drinking problem....

Simply put, consistent exposure to alcohol appears to increase a child's risk of future alcohol abuse. Some risks have been reported as being suffering from depression or other physiological challenges.

Many people suffering from alcoholism have the misperception that their drinking has no impact on others. Of course, this is not the case, many children with parents that are suffering from addiction are among the most vulnerable.

Unfortunately, the consequences of growing up in an environment where addiction is prevalent may be so severe that they may have a lifetime impact on how children and adults perceive themselves and others, participate in relationships, and more.

The following are only a few of the consequences: on children:

  • Unable to establish a sense of normalcy.

  • Trust Issues

  • Judge Themselves Without Mercy

  • Constantly Seek the Approval of Others

  • Emotional and psychological wounds that might endure far into adulthood.

Remember that often, the effects of the disease are felt most strongly by those closest to the person, namely their children. A child is incredibly susceptible to parental influence and neglect.

But ….. this might not be the case if :

YOU reach out and get treatment if you have an alcohol problem and you have children at home.

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