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The Gifts of Recovery

  1. The gift of a meaningful and purposeful life – Treatment for addiction and sobriety provides the opportunity to re-examine your values and set important goals, which will give you a great sense of achievement and help you develop a positive approach to life with true meaning and intent.

  2. The gift of meaningful relationships – Relationships often become strained with those who are addicted. Sobriety brings the great joy of developing deeper connections with others and the opportunity to mend broken relationships.

  3. The gift of helping others – Through providing support to others, your sobriety is strengthened and you bring a great deal of joy to others.

  4. The gift of a better future - You will change your life by freeing yourself from addiction and appreciating the gift of hope.

  5. The gift of serenity – You will find a sense of inner peace and permanent joy.

“Being in recovery is the full expression of the mind-body-spirit connection, a connection that was once splintered and broken and which hindered me from realizing my authentic higher self. It’s about making the changes in my life which overrides the default setting to self-medicate. It’s about freedom from self.” – Paul Silva

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