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Sugar addiction: Confessions of a Chocolate addict

“They say sugar is the new Cocaine…Looking back at my very real chocolate addiction, I remember asking myself “How did I get here? “.

It got to the point where I daily had to eat chocolate, or else I would die…

I remember having no problem eating the biggest slab of chocolate in minutes and even dipping it in coffee for that extra kick. That only ensured that the rest of that day would be just as unhealthy. I would choose chocolate over real food if needed. I would go to the garage at night for my “fix “.

It was acceptable every time because it was my last one (every day for 12 years). The thing is I really meant it when I decided to have the last one.

I prayed to stop, I read about stopping. My answers came through a bootcamp and a doctor’s appointment where I realized I had deficiencies in my body that aided to me craving chocolate. I realised I needed to change my lifestyle.

Oh, the cravings and the withdrawals. The withdrawals were real, as unreal as it sounds to be addicted to chocolate. I remember shaking, feeling like your insides shake. I had to lie down at times to calm my body down. It felt like an anxiety attack.

The gnashing of my teeth, headaches, the monthly dentist appointments. That consequence I am facing every day still, as a young woman I have to focus on not eating anything hard.

I was fed up of being controlled, of feeling terrible after every “fix”. I often hear people say just be positive and do it. I sometimes say drink a bottle of Brooklax and just be positive… I even had a dream of a chocolate giant chasing me.

I needed to take action and ask for help.

Today I hate chocolate, but my brain remembers. I must plan my meals and deal with my emotions.

I am proud of the fact that I did it!

This gives me the belief that I can do anything!! So can you ….”

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