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Substance Use Awareness for Men’s Health Month

While Men's Health Month raises awareness of men's physical health, it also highlights the significance of mental health care for men. Mental health is just as vital as physical health since untreated mental health issues may lead to other problems, such as substance misuse.


It may be difficult for men to discuss their mental health since doing so frequently necessitates revealing more vulnerable states of emotion. Men are more likely to avoid getting help for mental health issues because they may see doing so as a sign of weakness. Due to the stigma associated with mental health, men may self-medicate and dull symptoms with substances.

Among the primary indicators of a mental health condition are:

  • Struggling with concentration

  • Having suicidal thoughts

  • Displaying mood swings or changes in behaviour

  • Obsessional thinking

  • Feeling sad or hopeless

  • Experiencing extreme anxiety or stress

  • Misusing alcohol and other substances

Among the most prevalent mental disorders among men are:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Schizophrenia

  • Eating disorders

To receive treatment for a mental health condition, it is necessary to acknowledge the possibility of a problem. Men are more likely to develop substance use disorder (SUD) in the absence of acceptance.

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