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Self-care in recovery during lockdown

Lucia has been clean and sober for almost a year. Very proud. She achieved this by what she learned in treatment. Lifestyle changes and consciously choosing the way she thinks!

Then the unexpected!

Coronavirus…….national lockdown!

Ok not to bad……lots of things to keep her busy, especially all those things she never gets time to do.

Surprise …..surprise. Easier said than done. Old routines slipped in… routine, searching sugar & nicotine spikes and don’t forget the dear carbs…chips and more chips and….more…

The unwelcomed “black dog” started to show up more often…….leaving her tired, irritable, frustrated with no interest in anything!

Why are these feelings so familiar?

Oh dear! This is called mental relapse…… clean of substance abuse, BUT the lifestyle and mindset as in active addiction.

Addictive behavioral patterns equals a way to cope with stress, negative emotions, escape boredom or serves as a reward. Once in a habit to use the escape route any discomfort becomes a trigger to the old habits…..addictive patterns!

What are the healthier alternatives?

Taking care of yourself……… generate energy, motivation & better coping skills.

What does selfcare look like?

  • Eat healthy food – a healthy diet keeps your blood sugar and mood stable and therefore improves your concentration and energy levels.

  • Relax and have fun – fill your day with enjoyable activities and hobbies to reduce stress.

  • Get plenty of sleep - “ Getting just one night of good sleep can really help us make better choices, lowering our emotional reactivity, decreasing our need for junk food and helping us make better decisions.” -Dr. David and Dr. Austin Perlmutter

  • Exercise – reduces stress and improves your mood, energy and concentration.

  • Reduce stress - Use breathing exercises and meditation to combat anxiety.

  • Daily routine – organising our time can allow us to build in daily habits that help us to make time for things that are important to us. Coping with the uncertainty of life can feel more doable when having a little structure in place.

  • Make your emotional well-being a priority – focus on having positive self-talk and thinking patterns. Be mindful of the things that you allow to influence your life. E.g. music, movies, books, people, etc.

Max Lugavere gives a few tips on Instagram @maxlugavere that also may be helpful during the lock down period:

· Work out

· Get some sun

· Go to sleep early

· Drink some water

· Eat a healthy meal

· Compliment yourself

· Start something

· Finish something

Selfcare …………the key to a quality life and successful sobriety and a bonus in beating the tricks of the Corona virus!!

Lucia has the answers……practice makes perfect!

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