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Plugged out to plug in…

Humans are created & wired for connection….. The brain is a social organ

Emotional supportive relationships are number one in studies done on longevity, medical & mental health, and happiness. Therefore face to face communication…….

Signals required for contingent & meaningful communication to create

"connectedness"……the visibility of:

  • Eye-contact

  • Facial expression

  • Tone of voice

  • Posture

  • Gesture

  • Timing

  • Touching

  • Intensity…………..

Do your “friends” in your virtual space understand your personal challenges? Yes/No

Do you trust them to make yourself vulnerable? Yes/No

Do you feel emotionally supported by them? Yes/No

Should you answer “no” to these questions you might be drifting in space!

You can not grow by yourself – you either ‘’die’’ in space or you get rescued.

Contact Elim Clinic!

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