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Plugged Into the Real World


  • Freedom of choice, not chained to a screen!

  • Quality intimate, deep relationships feeling the empathy/love/care of others.

  • Determine your own self-worth, independently, irrespective of the world.

  • Creates opportunities for real-life adventures and experiences.

  • Being creative.

  • Being well-rested and experiencing the benefit of good health.

  • Being energized.

  • Being authentic. No pretense, no management of others’ perception of you.

  • Being alive and able to experience a full range of emotions.

  • Be mindful and let the moment fill the gaps.

  • Extend & grow your strengths & interests.

  • Physical contact/touch with those close to you.

  • Practicing activities of gratitude, your investment in your psychological capital.

  • Facing your troubles, building resilience.

  • Living a balanced life & having the benefits tech devices offer.

Time is our most valuable resource, be present in your life,

in real-time, with real people… and real experiences that call on your senses,

grounding your existence as a human being.

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