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Nicotine addiction

Part 1

31st of May …….. World No-Tobacco Day

COVID-19 pandemic……. buying of cigarettes banned. Is it real, or a nightmare?

???? outraged, anxious ……do I fight it, get it illegally or consider quitting!!

You need help with the decision?

Nicotine is as addictive as any other substance. The same principles apply irrespective of the addiction you are fighting.

To quit smoking is very difficult….. to give up trying just seems easier.

Freedom from nicotine is possible. It takes work, time, patience, and perseverance.

Benefits of a nicotine-free life

· Improved skin tone

· Better lung capacity

· Better blood circulation

· Increased energy

· Improved immune system

· More patience

· Fresh body odour

· Improved sense of taste and smell – a better kissing partner!

· More money in your pocket

You CAN quit smoking

You CAN breathe better

You CAN feel better

You CAN look better

You CAN do it!!

Time to take charge…

Make the choice….

Part 2 to follow ….tips to quit!

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