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In recovery it is important that your focus should be on a happy, healthy and balanced life. How can you still achieve that during this lockdown period?

Some do’s and don’ts during the lockdown...


  • Get up at the same time in the morning and go to bed at the same time at night

  • Follow a morning routine as if you are on your way to the office

  • Ladies put some make-up on and do your hair

  • Gentleman shave or keep your beard tidy and keep your hair neat

  • Dress in nice clothes that you would wear when you go out

  • Eat 3 times a day. Sit down to eat, even if it’s just an apple

  • Be mindful when eating - savor the taste and texture of every bite

  • Eat healthy, nutritious food

  • Arrange for specific snack times – avoid snacking through the day

  • Plan your day - Routine is important

  • If you are working remotely, try to stick to the working hours. Example: Keep to working from 8:00 to 16:00. At 16:00 switch off the computer, put some relaxing clothes on do something you enjoy

  • Do some form of exercise

  • Spend time with your family if you are in lockdown with them

  • If you stay alone, reach out to people on social media and telephonically

  • Join online-support groups

  • Do all the things - hobbies or home projects - that you ordinarily never have the time for

  • Reach out to people that are alone during this time

  • Spend time with God – your spiritual well-being is also very important


  • Stay in bed most of the day

  • Stay in your pajamas and only dress when you change from one pair of pajamas to the other

  • Lay around the house watching TV or series all day

  • Snack all through the day on salty, sugary and fatty foods

Boredom and loneliness are the most often mentioned triggers in recovery. During lockdown both boredom and loneliness are very real.


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