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Kick Your Habit - Day 2 & 3

We have made it through day 1 and day 2. As per the previous message I agreed to not start working before dawn but o goodness, I personally found it very difficult not to be early. In retrospect, it is about not always valuing what is important and not appreciating every moment.

Day 3 was easier; I saw the sunrise and appreciated the dawn of a new day. But the rest of the staff that are kicking sweets, coffee, and other bad habits reported cravings feelings of anxiety, and hunger, but with the support of all their colleagues, they are still going strong.

Tips on how to get to day 4:

Tell others about your challenges. Do something good for someone else without expecting something in return. Continue writing in your journal. Control your thoughts and the rest will follow!!!

Let us find out tomorrow how the team is doing ???

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