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Journey to recovery

It is 4:00 in the morning. The alarm goes off and often I think to myself: Why do I do this? Some days at Elim Clinic are filled with challenges, arguments, and stressors. Why can I not merely stay in bed with coffee and a good book? Why is a crispy clean Treatment Center that runs like a well-oiled machine so important?

I have been giving this a lot of thought and the answer is quite simple. The rewards to be witness to our patients so bravely starting their journey with recovery here at Elim Clinic is exponentially great. To see the transformation that learning and therapy bring about within them; eyes that once more become bright, hear the laughter, share the tears, and most of all become part of the solution is all worth the sleepless nights and stress.

To those that have not yet decided to start treatment for their addiction here at Elim Clinic, I can only say:

You do not know what you are missing out on!!!

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