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Is There Any Evidence That Associates The Elderly With Substance Misuse?


Yes. According to research, the non-medical use of prescription drugs among women, as well as overall alcohol abuse, is on the rise.


Liver damage, compromised immune systems, general impairment, cardiovascular problems, GI and endocrinological problems. Alcohol misuse could also contribute to cognitive deficits.

Recommended usage

No more than one drink daily, or no more than a maximum of two drinks at any given occasion for men and even less for women.

Should the elderly in your life meet or exceed the above

and should you just let them get on with it?

The answer is simple. The elderly have the potential wisdom and experience to make significant contributions to the lives of the younger generation and society at large while still living a happy and healthy life.

Recovery is possible at any age. There is always hope.

If your loved one is struggling with addiction, we are here to assist. Elim Clinic strives to promote long-term sobriety through the use of holistic evidence-based treatment strategies tailored to meet the needs of any individual, including the elderly.

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