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How to Spend Your 67 Minutes - Mandela Day

No matter how little your contribution, Mandela Day is all about making a difference in the world, just like Nelson Mandela did every single day.

It was his obligation to serve the people of South Africa, whom he saw as his first and most important responsibility, and to lead them by example. To honour Nelson Mandela's legacy, we must accept his call to action and make positive change a part of our lives. This is your chance to join a worldwide movement for good in the spirit of Madiba and his desire to spread social justice and freedom for everyone.

On Mandela Day itself, individuals are asked to devote 67 minutes to assisting those in need. These 67 minutes honour the 67 years Nelson Mandela spent fighting for justice, equality, and human rights for everyone.


  • Here are some suggestions of what you can do in support of Nelson Mandela Day:

  • Plant and cultivate fresh, organic, and cost-effective fruits and vegetables in or for vulnerable communities.

  • Investigate a topic you wish to learn more about, and then share your discoveries on social media.

  • Install a recycling programme in your house.

  • Plant a garden or tree where the entire community can appreciate it.

  • Volunteer in a shelter for animals.

  • Collect and distribute children's books to schools with limited resources.

  • Plant and cultivate trees for the benefit of everybody, with a focus on fruit trees to help the food production of vulnerable communities.

  • Plan a pleasant excursion for children participating in an HIV/AIDS programme.

  • Study first aid.

  • Aid Habitat for Humanity in building a house.

To commemorate Mandela Day, Elim Clinic is offering a 10% discount on all new admissions for the remainder of July!

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