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If you or someone you know is dealing with alcohol dependence or substance abuse disorders, please know that you are not alone. Numerous people worldwide are afflicted by this. Addiction is a treatable disease, but like with any disease, recovery takes expert assistance. You may be considering outpatient services as a treatment option. Therefore, there are various advantages to outpatient treatment services that individuals should be aware of.

What is outpatient treatment?

Outpatient treatment services refer to a form of substance misuse treatment that does not need overnight admissions in a hospital or residential facility. Outpatient treatment programmes may include a range of therapeutic interventions and services, and can take place in is a variety of settings.

What are the benefits of outpatient treatment services?

  1. Outpatient treatment fits your schedule

  2. Outpatient treatment services are more private

  3. Outpatient treatment programmes are tailored to meet your needs

  4. Outpatient treatment services are more affordable

  5. You will be able to build upon the skills you have developed in outpatient treatment programmes

Elim’s virtual outpatient services

Elim Clinic Professional Addiction Treatment Centre is a source of healing and hope for individuals and families affected by substance use disorders.

Elim Clinic has been providing holistic evidence-based inpatient and outpatient treatment for over 60 years in collaboration with a broad network of health care providers.

You can now participate in the treatment programme from the comfort of your home using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, or any other device with an internet connection and camera.

Elim Clinic provides an alternative to lockdown restrictions and the fear of losing employment while undergoing treatment.

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