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Dark Side of Masculinity

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world upside down in many ways and we are in the process of repositioning ourselves & our responsibilities in the new world. This creates wonderful opportunities!

Your responsibility towards your employees remains the same.

Previously we did awareness talks & days on addiction related topics as you requested.

We are ready to continue to serve your needs considering the platform you prefer

e.g. virtual platforms or talks at your site honoring the Covid-19 safety requirements.

To launch our virtual services we offer an awareness talk on the “The dark side of masculinity” which refers to the latest series of gender based violence in South Africa (refer to the attached video).

From an EAP or HR perspective this creates an opportunity to educate the workforce on the matter and to identify the risks involved considering their personal circumstances. The role of substance abuse will be highlighted as it is considered a major contributing factor.

The talk is offered free of charge.

Let us know whether you are interested or alternatively if there are other related needs Elim Clinic can assist with.

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