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Buckle up, silly season is here!

The term “Silly Season” is on all our lips. We don’t call it the ‘silly season’ for nothing. Everyone is that little bit more frazzled or grumpy, and this is due to many reasons. Nothing about our daily life goes away.

We all seem to be on the verge of a meltdown for one reason or another in the leadup to the festive season. Some need to plan a Christmas meal for their entire family, including the in laws, on a shoestring budget. Some are anticipating a lonely few weeks. But others here at Elim Clinic are concerned about how they are going to manage to remain sober given all the peer pressure and celebrations.

Research suggests that people consider Christmas the sixth most stressful life event alongside divorce, moving house, and changing jobs.

The holidays add a layer of activities and responsibilities (both real and imagined) that take up time, money and emotional energy. Even if we enjoy many aspects of the festive season, there may be moments when we wish we could rewind the calendar.

Things to focus on this festive season:

  • Be good to yourself

  • Practice self-care

  • Keep to healthy daily routines such as sleep, eat, physical exercise

  • Give & reach out to others

  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

  • Revisit your expectations

  • Be creative. Join a virtual support group or plan a virtual family/friend gathering

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