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Benefits of Our Specialised Unit for Women

In regards to substance use disorder, gender is not a defining factor. It has the potential to affect both men and women. Although both men and women may be affected by the disease, there are differences between the genders. However, what are the advantages of our specialised unit for women that provides solutions for substance misuse?


Many women's substance misuses may have a clear connection to past trauma. It might be associated with domestic violence or sexual assault. Having males in their immediate vicinity, particularly in a living environment such as a residential treatment programme, may be stressful. This added stress may impair their capacity for recovery. Our specialised unit for women gives them the opportunity to collaborate with other women who can better understand their requirements. They may be more willing to communicate their traumatic experiences with other women as well.


Relapse may occur to anybody, regardless of gender, however some risks are more likely to affect women. Such as assault or violence, psychological violence, gender discrimination, and/or issues with low self-esteem or body image. Our specialised unit for women addresses the personal situations that are often specific to women and how these factors may have an impact on substance misuse among women. Women are more likely to disclose substance misuse and their living situations in a gender-specific treatment programme because they feel safer there.


Many women in recovery may have difficulty forming relationships with others. Treatment programmes for women may aid in the development of lifetime relationships and friendships within the community and beyond. Our specialised unit for women offers an abundance of support and mutual aid.

Elim Clinic is a professional treatment centre that offers in–patient treatment to men and women, 18 years and older who suffer from substance use disorders and behaviour addiction. With a proven track record, it remains to be one of the most sought-after treatment centres in South Africa.

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