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Become part of the solution

The election that is still fresh in my mind made me think. Why did so many people get up, got dressed, braced the queues, and went to vote. I believe it is all about hope for a better future. Yet when it comes to addiction, we more than often choose not to vote for a better future for our loved ones, we choose to stay home and hope that the problem will go away. We, like in politics, complain about it, gossip about it and even in some cases shun those that suffer from this disease.

Yet, the solution to this problem is just a phone call away. We only need to contact Elim Clinic or find a sponsor or support those who need it. We need not even have to stand in a queue!! Why then do we do not get involved in a problem that is ruining so many lives when there is hope.

Come on, South Africa we dare not ignore this any longer. We are all aware of the impact addiction has on many lives, children, and families alike. I challenge you to vote and elect to become part of the solution.

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