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Be a SMART screen user……technology is a gift!

Take a 48-hour detox… screen time …..consider a weekend.

Follow a digital diet….restrict your time on-line/gaming.

Follow a digital nutritional plan….control what you click on…focus on what you have to do.

Keep a digital diary…check your checking … track your/children’s screen time.

No screen time 2 hours prior to bedtime.

No screens in the bedroom.

Use technology as a supplement, not as a substitute.

Let tech add to your communication network, not replace it.

Produce rather than consume.

Increase & explore real-time activities and decrease digital time- screens becomes a default behaviour when you are bored.

Leave devices at home when you go out for a walk/exercise/meal.

Turn off notifications.

Establish tech-free zones.

Consistently challenge yourself to add time away from technology.

Any change in the right direction is better than no change….

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