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Awareness, Wellness & Training Services - Presentations We Offer (Part 3)

The presentations can be presented on a virtual platform or in person depending on the need of the client.


  • MH information as indicated.

  • Resilience

  • What is resilience & mental well-being?

  • Why is it important?

  • How do we develop mental resilience?

  • What are some skills of resilience?

  • Stretch your resilience

  • Self-care

  • Support groups

  • Duration: 25-30 Minutes

  • Women in Business and MH. Coping challenges.

  • This topic was linked to Covid 19 & lockdown but could be adjusted.

  • A few slides to acknowledge the challenges women experienced.

  • Losses due to Covid 19 & the impact

  • Loss of the known and predictability

  • Impact of the above on MH

  • The easy way out!

  • What is accessible, available, and acceptable to cope/escape?

  • Risk of addictive behavior

  • Brain and reward-seeking behavior

  • Healthy ways to cope

Duration: 25-30 Minutes


  • SA information

  • Managing SA in the workplace

  • SA hidden threat to business

  • Safety & SA

  • Risks in the workplace

  • Workplace policies & procedures

  • Recognition/identification of substance abuser at work

  • Treatment information

Duration: 40-45 Minutes

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