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CORONAVIRUS - Addicts are among the most vulnerable....

The President declared COVID-19 a National Disaster and it really started to hit home. No longer is it something that is happening far away on a different continent, it is a threat right here on our doorstep. Warnings of it affecting vulnerable people are heard everywhere. Vulnerable people represent the sickly, the elderly and children. However, another group considered to be very vulnerable is people struggling with addiction.

Addiction affects a person’s ability to think logically. When active in addiction, using substances is a priority. Hygiene and health-care become insignificant. Underlying health conditions and compromised immune systems make people in addiction more susceptible to the Coronavirus. Quarantine may cause a lot of adverse effects. Isolation and disconnection are part and parcel of addiction.

“The disease of addiction preys on isolation. The more we’re quarantining and keeping social distance, and giving people excuses not to connect, that’s dangerous in an addiction world” – Zach Randolph

The best option for a person in addiction would be to be admitted for inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment provides supervised medical and psycho-social care. Good hygienic standards and an opportunity to connect with people in a safe and controlled environment.

Elim Clinic wants to ensure the health and wellness of all the patients and staff. Therefore, the following measures were put in place:

  • Awareness training provided to all our staff and details of all the protective measures provided and instituted with immediate effect.

  • Awareness training provided to all our patients and instructions provided on the execution of these measures with immediate effect.

  • Introduction of rigorous cleansing and sanitation protocols within all areas of the clinic.

  • Awareness training provided to all subcontractors.

  • Monitoring of the protocols of all subcontractors.

  • Cessation of all non-essential deliveries to the clinic.

  • Issuance of gloves and sanitation products to all areas where staff have physical contact with visitors and products.

  • Issuance of sanitation products to all points of entry to the clinic.

  • Hand sanitisers available at all stations including the dining room.

  • The Medical Practitioner conducts site visits every day and is available for questions and answers and on-call 24 hours.

  • Online counselling will be provided for the outpatients and those who need additional support.

We trust that during this period you will use the opportunity to experience Elim Clinic as a place of healing. We are committed to provide dedicated and reliable services despite the challenges of the Coronavirus.

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