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The COVID 19 vaccine is currently the talk of the town!

That made me think… Would it not be wonderful if we could inoculate our children against substance use disorders?

Every day we hear about the devastating effects of illegal drug use and addiction to alcohol. We hear about children using illegal substances as young as 12 years old.

So, if we can not find a vaccine, what then?

How do we protect our children from addiction?

Fear arousal? No, you are right…. that does not always have the desired effect.

Maybe we should re-think the well know phrase… ‘Charity begins at home’.

Home is where we create an environment that helps support healthy decision making, building resilience and developing a strong self-esteem.

Education has extremely strong effects, when applied early when development is most easily shaped, and the child’s life is most easily set on a positive course.

Yes, it is never to early to start. Begin the dialogue early.

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