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Plugged Into a Digital World

Flooded by a tsunami of screens, devices, games, digital platforms?

A quiz to assess your online/gaming activities.

  1. Are you sleep-deprived or experiencing a change in sleep patterns to spend time online/gaming? Yes/No

  2. Do you neglect family & friends and withdraw from society? Yes/No

  3. Do you experience a decrease in socializing, resulting in the loss of friends? Yes/No

  4. Are you avoiding important activities to be online/game? Yes/No

  5. Do you experience drastic changes in lifestyle to spend more time online/gaming? Yes/No

  6. Are you generally less physically active due to time online/gaming? Yes/No

  7. Are you neglecting schoolwork/ work or personal obligations? Yes/No

  8. Do you feel an obsessive need to check your phone/emails frequently? Yes/No

  9. Do you lose track of time while online/gaming? Yes/No

If you have yes answers to the above. Raise the red flag!!

Loss of control equals cravings & the compulsive inability to resist engaging in online/gaming activities despite negative consequences. Is your relationship with the digital world problematic and interfering with your well-being?

Elim Clinic can assist.

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