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EAS Workplace Intervention Programmes

As a leading substance abuse and behavioral disorders treatment facility, Elim Clinic offers professional interventions in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Women and men who suffer from substance use disorders and behaviour addiction, age 18 and older, are treated at Elim Clinic. Elim Clinic is affiliated to SANCA National and a member of ISSUP. Elim is a registered NPO. In its six decades of existence, Elim Clinic has developed a comprehensive understanding of addiction. It remains one of the most sought-after treatment centers in South Africa with a proven track record. Keeping informed requires us to do local and international addiction treatment research in order to ensure a dynamic, progressive treatment programme.

The consequences of substance abuse disorder (SUD) suffered by employees are costly for business and industry, including lost productivity time, injuries, and an increase in medical claims, among others. As a result, both employees and employers are affected. In addition to threatening public safety, impairment of job performance, and employee safety, substance abuse can spread within an organization, with serious consequences for the employer.

Developing comprehensive programmes for addressing workplace substance abuse is the key to resolving the issue. Employers and employees will both benefit from programmes that address SUD in the workplace. By establishing the right processes and procedures, the organization can enhance its health promotion programmes. Ultimately, the goal is to mobilize individuals and groups to regulate their own health and well-being.

EAS Workplace Intervention Programmes

  • Substance and behavioural related workplace services such as substance abuse and addictive behavioural awareness for staff, attendance of wellness days and motivational talks.

  • Drug testing on - and off-site.

  • e- admission assessments.

  • Empowerment services for significant others, educators, service providers in the field of social services.

  • Individual and corporate (in- and out-patient) treatment and therapy.

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