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Awareness, Wellness & Training Services - Presentations We Offer (Part 4)

The presentations can be presented on a virtual platform or in person depending on the need of the client.


  • What is gambling?

  • Types of gambling?

  • When gambling is no longer gambling

  • Diagnostic criteria

  • Consequences of problem gambling

  • Who are at risk?

  • What does gambling offer?

  • Gambling reinforcers

  • Cognitive distortions

  • Recovery & Treatment

Duration: 35-40 Minutes


  • Covid 19 in an upside-down world

  • Home equals an all-in-one package

  • Working from home challenges

  • Impact on MH

  • Managing an out-of-sight workforce

  • SA/Addiction the easy way out to cope

  • Basic information on SA to link with the above

Duration: 35-40 Minutes

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