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Day 2 : Kick Your Habit

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Day 2 :

Day 1 was not difficult but….. This morning waking up without coffee after only 4 hours of sleep was a challenge. My thoughts: How am I going to do this? However after a long shower my head cleared and I got off to a good start.

But then the one crises after the other hits my desk. My first response was : Where is the coffee? The response from staff was unanimous: NO NO. What have I learnt from this experience today? This is not an easy journey but support is what counts .

My partners on the same journey :

Hendrik from Fedics – my head hursts

My challenge partner – it is birthday today – Wayne from Forbtech “tea helps , but until when does this carry on?”

Three new partners have joined: The ladies from SANLAM. Colleen from Afriboom and Hannes from GAMFS Financial Services. Wonder how they are doing? Will find out and report on day 3.

My message : We can do this!!!!

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