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Alcohol and child abuse

1 June 2020 ………the ban on alcohol lifted and the start of Child Protection week.

Cause for concern?

Alcohol abuse equals child abuse?

Not necessarily, but alcohol abuse is present in many cases of child abuse.


Heavy drinking weakens the part of the brain that is responsible for keeping impulsive behaviour in check. Therefore, the person under the influence act out of character & could be more aggressive & violent than normal. A normal response from a child may provoke the parent to act out towards the child or expose the child to witness abusive behavior towards others.

How do you recognize child abuse?

There are 4 types of child abuse.

In each of these types alcohol abuse could be the primary contributor!!

1. Physical abuse

The parent intentionally hurts the child physically.

2. Sexual abuse

The parent abuses the child sexually or expose the child to situations that may cause them to be sexually abused.

3. Emotional abuse

Constant exposure of a child to domestic violence & conflict creates an emotional unsafe environment and causes emotional scarring of the child. Emotional abuse may include rejecting the child, belittling the child, or isolating them from friends or family members. Corrupting a child by not being a proper role model, not setting boundaries to protect the child from unhealthy influences. Sometimes family members may force/ allow a young person to drink alcohol or to try drugs. This can result in the child developing a substance use disorder.

4. Neglect

When a parent does not give the child the necessary care, attention, support, or supervision. This could include failing to provide clothes, food, or proper childcare. When parents prioritize buying alcohol, they may not be able to provide in the child’s needs and thus will be guilty of child abuse

Wine you get every day, but a child you can’t replace” – Karmel W Choi

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