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New offering: Virtual Outpatient Services:


Elim Clinic Professional Treatment Centre for Addiction is a force of healing and hope for individuals and their families affected by substance use disorders.

As the leading service provider of holistic evidence-based in and outpatient treatment, Elim Clinic has been in existence for over 60 years in collaboration with an expansive network within health care providers.

By using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer or any other device with an internet connection and camera, you can now participate in the treatment programme from the convenience of your home.

Our virtual outpatient programs run on a similar schedule as our in-person equivalent.  The virtual treatment sessions incorporate our person-centered approach, with after-care support.

Treatment starts with an assessment and includes four days a week, individual and /or group sessions.

The virtual programme uses the same approach to evidence-based therapies as inpatient care.


Low-intensity outpatient treatment is available as a transition programme that follows inpatient care.


AS your recovery progresses from being managed within the treatment center you will be involved in less frequent sessions and continued care groups.


Elim Clinic offers a solution to lockdown restrictions and fear of losing employment by being away from work for treatment          

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